Grant Thornton visit NDCC

In November the Centre was visited by 8 volunteers from Grant Thornton International Ltd. The group were extremely busy prior to their visit raising funds and preparing themselves for a two week visit where they shared their time between the NDCC and The Grace Centre (also in Bahir Dar). During their visit they worked with the students teaching them IT skills and helping them with their English and Maths. They built a study hut, organised an evening Ethiopian culture and ran discussion and debating sessions sharing knowledge and experiences that students and visitors alike found very interesting.



As well as the work that they completed at the NDCC the group were extremely helpful to the Grace Centre where they painted the buildings, repaired play equipment, helped with the resurfacing and tiling of a hall at the Centre and spent time supporting the Grace employees and the children who attend daily. Both the NDCC and The Grace Centre are very grateful to the volunteers from Grant Thornton for all that they achieved during their visit.

Grant Thornton blog.

Summer Activities 2014

During the summer the students have been taking part in a summer programme, helping them to maintain their English and keep them busy in their free time. Working in teams, they have taken part in activities such as raft building, creating drama pieces and mural painting.

Raft building – The students were given a small amount of money and bought materials according to what they believed would be best on the lake. Here are some pictures of the rafts where the students got really stuck in and enjoyed testing them on Lake Tana, from the photos you can see which ones seemed to be a success.

IMG_0550 P1020906 P1020920 P1020929 P1020931P1020936

Ryton Ruby Club Donate Shirts to NDCC

Rugy Shirts Donated from Ryton

Ryton Rugby Club have donated over 40 rugby shirts to the students of the New Day Children’s Centre. The shirts were brought over by the Ryton2Ethiopia team and given to the NDCC students on the group’s last day in Bahir Dar. NDCC students were delighted.



New Laptop Lab at the NDCC

Laptops for Students at NDCC

Charles Thorp Comprehensive School donated laptops that have meant a new computer room for the students at the NDCC. The laptops will have a range of software installed and will provide the students with the opportunity to practice their IT skills as well as researching topics they are studying at school. This is a fantastic resource for the students and they are all keen to get started.





NDCC and R2E Working at Shimbet

Ryton 2 Ethiopia students and New Day Children’s Centre students worked together over the last week to improve the classrooms at Shimbet School, Bahir Dar.



All tooled up and ready to clean

clearing the room

Clearing the rooms and organising the broken desks


Painting painting painting


The finished  result





Ryton2Ethiopia ’14

Students from Charles Thorp Comprehensive, Gateshead have arrived in Ethiopia and have begun their long awaited trip to Ethiopia. They will be travelling to Addis – Lalibela – Gondar – Simien Mountains – Bahir Dar before returning to Addis and then back to Newcastle.

Addis Airport

During their time in Bahir Dar they will be working at the NDCC and Simbet School. Follow their progress by reading their daily diary:




New Library at the NDCC

New Library at the Centre

NewBooksThanks to a kind donation from VSO the Centre has been able to afford to buy a full library of text books for the students. Also, by popular request from the students, the Centre is now going to be kept open and staffed until 9pm each evening to allow the students to study with access to their new books.

When news of the donation came the students complied a list of the books that they needed and they all clapped when they saw the books arrive. With some of the donation still remaining they have already started a second list.

Students Graduate from NDCC

Students Graduate from NDCC

November 28th saw six students graduate from the New Day Children’s Centre. It was a particularly memorable occasion as the Centre was saying goodbye to three of its original cohort who joined the Centre in 2006. Abera, Wobalem and Worku, who recently graduated from technical college, are now working as the drivers of the Centre owned TVS.


The TVS is a small ‘tuk tuk’ style taxi that operate in their hundreds across Ethiopia. Following a kind donation from the Ana Leaf Foundation the NDCC has been able to purchase a TVS for the Centre and Abera, Wobalem and Worku are now the drivers. Taking it in turn not only do they now have an income for themselves but the by renting the TVS from the Centre on a daily basis so the Centre is generating an income too.


Masterwall, Frewonie and Mahalet who joined the Centre in 2008 have also graduated and are now studying at college through a sponsorship scheme funded by the Soroptimists International, Derby.  Now that they are in full time higher education they will no longer be attending the Centre on a daily basis, however the Centre will continue to provide support if they need it.


We wish all these students all the best for the future.

Great Ethiopian Run

Great Ethiopian Run ’13

Great Ethiopian Run 13

On  24th November 37000 took to the streets of Addis Ababa participating in the 13th Great Ethiopian Run – the biggest running race in Africa. Richard Griffiths and Harriet Loxley both did their bit by raising money for The New Day Children’s Centre making over £800 between them. Thanks to all sponsors.

Great Ethiopian Run 2013