Students Graduate from NDCC

Students Graduate from NDCC

November 28th saw six students graduate from the New Day Children’s Centre. It was a particularly memorable occasion as the Centre was saying goodbye to three of its original cohort who joined the Centre in 2006. Abera, Wobalem and Worku, who recently graduated from technical college, are now working as the drivers of the Centre owned TVS.


The TVS is a small ‘tuk tuk’ style taxi that operate in their hundreds across Ethiopia. Following a kind donation from the Ana Leaf Foundation the NDCC has been able to purchase a TVS for the Centre and Abera, Wobalem and Worku are now the drivers. Taking it in turn not only do they now have an income for themselves but the by renting the TVS from the Centre on a daily basis so the Centre is generating an income too.


Masterwall, Frewonie and Mahalet who joined the Centre in 2008 have also graduated and are now studying at college through a sponsorship scheme funded by the Soroptimists International, Derby.  Now that they are in full time higher education they will no longer be attending the Centre on a daily basis, however the Centre will continue to provide support if they need it.


We wish all these students all the best for the future.

Great Ethiopian Run

Great Ethiopian Run ’13

Great Ethiopian Run 13

On  24th November 37000 took to the streets of Addis Ababa participating in the 13th Great Ethiopian Run – the biggest running race in Africa. Richard Griffiths and Harriet Loxley both did their bit by raising money for The New Day Children’s Centre making over £800 between them. Thanks to all sponsors.

Great Ethiopian Run 2013

Three ways to help NDCC

Give ’em 5


The NDCC needs regular donors. Can you afford to Give ’em 5?

£5 a month will go a long way in helping the students at the NDCC and 100% of all money received goes to support the students at the Centre. For more details click here

The Great Ethiopian Run


Richard Griffiths and Harriet Loxley will be taking part in this year’s Great Ethiopian Run on  November 24th – a 10K run around Addis Ababa – raising funds for the NDCC. If you would like to sponsor either of them simply click on their name.

On Top of the World


On November 8th Suzie Heap will be embarking on a gruelling 10 day trek in the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia with the aim of reaching the peak of Ras Dashen – the highest peak in Ethiopia. Suzie has very kindly used this opportunity to raise funds for the NDCC. If you wish to sponsor her click here.

Two New Videos

Two new videos about the New Day Children’s Centre and its students have recently been produced. The videos highlight both the future plans for the Centre and the support currently given to those students who started university in September 2012.

Ex BBC producer Sue Turbett, who now runs her own video production company Turbett and Crew, visited the Centre in August to film. This was the second time that Sue had been to Ethiopia and second time that she has produced videos for the Centre and we are extremely grateful for her hard work and invaluable contribution.

You can view all of Sue’s videos here

A Sustainable Future

 University Students 2013


NDCC uses Kindles to Improve Reading

The New Day Children’s Centre has recently started using Kindles to help students improve their English. The Kindles have each been loaded with a wide selection of books and groups of students have signed up to reading groups. The Kindles have proved very popular, with students quickly understanding how to use the e-books. They particularly liked the built in dictionary that has helped them understand words that they have not come across before. The students were amazed that such a small device could contain so many books.

“Why am I carrying lots of text books to school when all I need is a Kindle”, Derese commented.


Katy Robertson, a VSO in Bahir Dar working at the Education Bureau, helped the students get started and is now running regular reading groups at the Centre.

Students at the Centre are often cautious about spending time reading for pleasure, feeling their time would be better spent reading their school text books. Katy hopes that by broadening what they read their vocabulary will improve and so will their English language. She also hopes that the students will begin to use the Kindles to read simply for their own enjoyment.

It is a very interesting project and it would appear from the popularity of the initial groups the Kindles will be a great success.

GabriKindle      YitayalKindle

Students using the Kindles


Liverpool FC Donate Gift Bags

Liverpool Football Club donated gift bags for all of the students at the New Day Children’s Centre. The students received a range of Liverpool stationary including pens, pencils and note paper. The Centre and its students wish to thank Liverpool FC for their generous donation.



Man United Donate Shirts

Manchester United kindly donated a number of brand new football shirts to the New Day Children’s Centre. 10 lucky students received a shirt each as a reward for their hard work during the Centre’s summer programme. A huge thanks to Man United for their generous donation.



Semachew Wins Gold

Semachew, one of the first students of the New Day Children’s Centre and who is now in his first year at university studying computer engineering, recently took part in the All Ethiopian Youth Para Games held in Sheshamene, southern Ethiopia. Semachew won gold in both the 100m and 400m events. He will be competing next in the Ethiopian National Games that will take place in Bahir Dar next January.



NDCC Buys Bajaj

Thanks to the kind donation from the Ana Leaf Foundation the NDCC has been able to buy a Bajaj – a small taxi that is widely used in Ethiopia. Also the donation has paid for three students – Abera, Wobalem and Worku – to complete their Bajaj training and they have now each passed their driving test.

These three students will now drive the Bajaj as a taxi in Bahir Dar and the profits will be shared between them and the NDCC. This income generation scheme is the first step towards a sustainable Centre. Our vision is to create a number of income generation schemes which not only provide employment for students who have graduated from school or college but also provide a income for the NDCC generated locally.


VSO Volunteers Give First Aid Training

VSO Volunteers Crawford Faulton and Carin Lavalette visited the New Day Children’s Centre to provide students with two days first aid training. As part of the summer programme the first aid training gave the students the opportunity to learn and practice valuable first aid skills.


“The students were excellent,” said Crawford, “and it is interesting to know how much they already knew. The difference between traditional Ethiopian first aid and what we might do in England was also very interesting and gave us lots to talk about.”